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Manufacturer of Advanced Industrial Ceramic Products for Aerospace, Semi Conductor, Defense and more

Industrial Ceramics
Manufactuer of Commerical & Industrial Ceramic Products

Aerospace Ceramic Products: Industrial ceramic components for performing vital functions on aircraft and missiles such as rocket engine pump ceramic components and speed probes. We manufacturer and design to fit your intricate shapes and close, tight tolerances.

Semi Conductor Ceramic Products:  Ceramic Wafer processing, end effectors, ceramic insulators, rings, liners, targets for film deposition along with many other industrial ceramic applications.

Defense Ceramic Products: Advanced Ceramic composite materials and grinding, military, missile radomes, satellites and tanks. Manufacturing and supplying ceramic components to US military, boron carbide tiles for protection.

Microwave Ceramic Products: Components include ceramic cathodes, rare earth magnets, vacuum tubes, wave tubes, signal transmission, specialty electronic ceramics, and all high-powered specifications.

Automotive Ceramic Products:  Ceramics engines components, fuel and ignition systems. -Manufacturers contact us for their ceramic engineering and design of power components.

Electronic Ceramic Products: Ceramic parts manufacturing for major appliance applications, commercial lighting, ceramic electronic insulator and more.

Medical Ceramic Products: Ceramic components for implant, surgical tools, orthopedics and other medical instruments. Ceramic components manufacturer to the strick guidelines of all industrial specifications.

Nuclear Ceramic Products: Ceramic components and seals for turbine engines, instrument displays, speed probes, thermocouples, and wave tube amplifiers.

Ceramic Wear Parts & Components  Composite wear resistant components, ceramic inserts and insulators consisting of metal matrix that have a very high wear resistance, including: glass, mineral, silicon, silicon nitride, silicon carbide, zirconia and paper processing and other materials available.

General Industrial:  Ceramic manufacturers of components for a variety of industrial requirements including metalworking, paper, oilfield, glass, and semiconductor processing equipment, pump shafts, gas igniters, thermostat controls and other advanced ceramic applications.