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Ceramic Materials
Applications for Technical Ceramic Manufacturing

We offer ceramic materials engineering and design using many high temperature advanced materials for ceramic manufacturing for industrial, OEM, commercial specialty applications.  Our technical staff will help you choose the correct material for your unique ceramic requirements.

Alumina Oxide -  Uses for ceramic Rods and ceramic Tubes- high purity, translucent aluminum oxide and hot pressed aluminum oxide as well as marketing a grade of sintered aluminum oxide specifically designed for armor applications.high purity, used  military applications, . 

Aluminum Nitride -  Fully dense aluminum nitride materials. The key characteristic are High Thermal Conductivity, Electrical Insulator receptivity , Corrosion Resistance, Large, complex Shape potential Uses: Microwave, semiconductor,  

Aluminum Silicate- This material is resistant to chemicals, wear and oxidation, strength both mechanical and dielectrical and lower thermal expansion. 

Boron Nitride - Excellent wear applications and one of the hardest materials found. Used in tool bits and cutting tools.


Boron CarbideLightest weight technical ceramic material as well as high hardness. Fully dense boron carbide is produced by hot pressing. Other characterized as follows: erosion resistance, high modulus, and neutron absorber. Boron Carbide used in semiconductor components, sputtering targets, wear components, boron carbide tiles, armor and boron carbide B4C nuclear 


Ferrites - Ferrites Ceramic magnets main advantage, they are inexpensive with excellent magnetic qualities providing a wide of commercial and industrial applications.

Lossy Materials- Heating characteristics are good enough that they may be used as the only significant microwave absorber. In many cases, the microwave-induced reactions require only a small percentage of the conventional syntheses. 

Macor - Used for glass ceramic machining. An excellent insulator at high voltages, various frequencies, and high temperatures up to 800oC to 1000oC. Will not outgas in vacuum environments when baked out properly.  

Quartz - Ultra-hard material for machining of components and parts 

Silicon Carbide -This material has a high strength, low density, oxidation resistance (reaction bonded) characteristics. Quality thermal shock resistance, high hardness, wear resistance, low thermal expansion and electrical conductivity.  

Silcon Nitride - High Thermal Conductivity – Electrical Insulator – Corrosion Resistant. Totally dense material having a scope of compositions that can be manufactured cost effectively including complex forms and shapes.   

Titanium Carbide - Extremely hard material with high tech properties used for such products as wear parts, heat shields, tool bits, and resistant coatings. 

 Titanium Diboride - Extraordinary hardness fully dense, hot pressed, electrically conductive ceramic with exceptional hardness. Titanium Diboride can be machined using conventional technique. Used in sputtering targets, wear components.

Titanium Nitride - Thin film hard coating for medical, aerospace and wear resistance parts and components.


Titanium Oxide - Applications for high thermal conductivity, corrosion resistant, low friction, strength moderate, high dielectric properties, and electrical conductivity.

Zirconia - Zerconia ceramics have high mechanical strength and toughness. Excellent surface smoothness.