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Ceramic Rods & Ceramic Tubes

Since 1994 TQ Abrasive Machining offering full service manufacturing of advanced Ceramic Rods and Ceramic Tubing products providing custom and standard sizes for applications in ceramic parts and components.

Advanced ceramic rods and ceramic tubes provide a broad range of engineering properties: High Temperature-Superior Strength-Corrosion Resistance-Thermal & Electrical Insulation along with other specialized characteristics.

Custom Ceramic Rods & Tube Manufacturer

  • Ceramic Tolerances held  to ± .0001
  • Diameter .007 to 3.00”
  • Thickness .010 up to your requirement -Precision Close, Tight TolerancesCeramic
  • Rods & Tubes machined to customer specifications-Prototype to Production-Intricate and Complex ceramic machining

Advanced Ceramic Rods and  Ceramic Tubes

Materials to Manufacturer your Ceramic Rods and Tubes

Shapes for Ceramic Rods & Ceramic Tubes

Complex Shapes and Size
s for all your commercial or industrial Ceramic Applications
Round Rods - Square Tubes- Rectangular custom machined ceramic rods and tubes

Single Ceramic Tubing, Double Tubing, 4-Bore Tubing

Machined to specification for Single Tubing
We Supplied Double Tubing and 4-Bore Tubing

Examples of Ceramic Tube and Ceramic Rod Products
• Microwave Ceramic Tubes
• Vacuum Ceramic Tubes
• Laser Ceramic Tubes
• Insulator Ceramic Rods
• Wave Ceramic Tubes
• Recuperator Tubes
• Electrical Tube Parts
• Structural Components
• Semiconductor applications
• High voltage requirements

Delivery  Times: 

We pride ourselves on fast delivery times of 2-3 weeks and special service requests 1-2 weeks.

TQ abrasive machining continues to invest in production quality products. Call us to manufacturer all your commercial and industrial ceramic rods or ceramic tube
specifications. We are an ISO 9000 Compliant Company.