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Advanced technical ceramics
Advanced Technical Ceramics

Technical Ceramics Information-High Proformance Ceramics

Techanical ceramics from prototype to production. Tight tolerance to your specification.
technical ceramic miniature parts and components Advanced Technical Ceramics Machining of Components & Parts

Advanced Technical Ceramic Grinding

  • Ceramic Form Grinding
  • Ceramic Inner and Outer Diameter Grinding
  • Surface & Diamond as fine as 2 micro-inch
  • Flatness to with in .00005

Technical Ceramics Lapping

  • Ceramic Flat Lapping
  • Double & Single Side Lapping

Technical Ceramics Drilling-Micro Hole

  • Internal and External Threading
  • Diameters as small as .006"

 Call us for assistance on your next ceramic technical engineering project.


PRECISION ADVANCED TECHANICAL CERAMIC ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS Since 1994 Experts in advanced ceramic manufacturing. Machining and production for close tolerance ceramic engineering requirements. Industrial applications include: aerospace, aircraft, semi-conductor, defense microwave, automotive, medical, nuclear, wear ceramic components