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manufacturer of boron carbide tiles and panels Boron Carbide Tiles

We offer high volume production of the technical advanced ceramics.  Standard panel tiles are 12" x 17" plate providing the necessary coverage of large areas.

Boron carbide tiles are used to produce multi-hit tactical body systems by means of boron carbide and silicon carbide advanced technical ceramics.

Boron Carbide Tile Uses:
Systems, semiconductor components, sputtering targets industrial wear components, boron carbide tiles are used in police and military vehicles for protection.
Applications for Boron Carbide Tile
  • Boron Carbide Tiles
  • Boron Carbide Substrate Tiles
  • Boron Carbide Insulator Tiles
  • Boron Carbide Panels
  • Boron Carbide Plates
  • Boron Carbide Body Armor

Boron Carbide Tile Shapes: tiles can take nearly any shape and can stand up to the toughest of situations.  Raised edge tiles, edges curved angled radius, chamfered, beveled. Raised edge tiles are designed and specified when the utmost mass efficiency is required of the structure.

Ballistic Defense: Boron carbide tiles used in ballistic defense meet or exceed the most challenging ballistic defense requirements.

What is Boron Carbide tiles manufactured in Boron Carbide provides the lightest technical ceramic material (2.5 g/cm³) as well as the hardest (second only to diamond) for durability, and high hardness. Other uniqueness include: erosion resistance, high modulus, and neutron absorber.

TQ Abrasive Machining: A leader in the manufacturing of advanced technical ceramics and boron carbide tiles, substrates, insulators, panels, and plates for ballistic, defense, and industrial applications. Boron Carbide tile has been proven has ground-breaking superior protection being the lightest and most durable tactical body, tiles, and plates available.