Ceramic Wear Parts, Components and Products

Ceramic manufacturing of technical advanced ceramic wear products has been a specialty of TQ Abrasive Machining since 1994. Examples of Industrial Technical Ceramic Wear Products & Components include:

  • Ceramic Nozzles
  • Ceramic Bearings
  • Ceramic Bushings
  • Ceramic Ball Valves
  • Ceramic Rails
  • Ceramic Sleeves
  • Ceramic Washers
  • Ceramic Wear Tubes
  • Ceramic Plungers
  • Ceramic Seals
  • Ceramic Rods
  • Simple to Complex Parts

Benefits of Ceramic Wear Parts

The benefits of technical advanced ceramic wear parts, components and products include stronger materials, corrosion resistance, thermal protection and longer life expectancy.

Manufacturing of Ceramics Engineer of Ceramic Wear Parts

We manufacturer wear ceramic products and components with advanced ceramic engineering techniques.  The advanced ceramic materials used are a broad range with specifications for high temperature and wear resistant properties. Select the best top quality, cost effective material needed for sustained component on your next project.

We are fabricators of all hard materials including silicon carbide & nitride, boron carbide & nitride, ferrite and alumina.

Industries Served in machining of advanced Ceramic Components: Aerospace, Semiconductor, Nuclear, Automotive, Electronics, Medical and OEM.

Give us a call for your next industrial ceramic wear application.