Technical Ceramic Tiles & Flat Tile Panels

T.Q. Abrasives manufacturers and offers machining of technical ceramic tiles & flat tile panels for your protection & defense.

Ceramic tiles are manufactured for use in cars, aircraft, and body systems, along with other types of vehicle that provide secure protection by means of flat tiles or panels. Ceramic tiles are a quick and priceless adjustment for protection levels in saving lives.

Uses of Technical Ceramic Tiles & Flat Tile segments, which meet or exceed the threat protection level of your specifications.

  • VIP Vehicles
  • Tiles for Aircraft
  • Ceramic Flat Tiles
  • Flat Tile Ceramic Panels
  • Military cars
  • System body, vehicle & Aircraft
  • Ceramic vehicle/ car tiles
  • Any shape or size:
  • Defense Tile Panels
  • Transportation
  • Flat panels
  • Ceramic Fabrication
  • Flat Segments
  • panels for Cars
  • Boron Carbide Tiles

Materials for Tiles & Flate Tile Panels

High purity, translucent aluminum oxide specially designed for ceramic applications used in defense and military.

Lightest weight for use in boron carbide tiles and flat tile panels ceramic.

High strength, low density, shock resistance used for protective cars and vehicles.

Extraordinary hardness machined for ceramic flat panels and ceramic tiles used to protect vehicles body or aircraft.

Ceramic Expertise
Since 1994 T.Q. Abrasives has been a leader in the manufacturing of advanced technical ceramics, tiles, and flat tile panel protection requirements. Manufacturing high strength, lightweight, ceramic tiles for use with defense, police force and military vehicles & cars. The function of our ceramic tiles and panels are strong light weight, and most hard wearing flat tile panelss available.
Ceramic tiles are designed to go inside door frames that will stop bullets to provide complete system protection. We manufacturer with, high-tech materials and modern design of tiles and flat tile panels that meet or exceed the most demanding protection requirements.

Engineering Assistance
Our technical ceramic specialist and engineers are ready to assist you with your ceramic design. We offer consistent high quality ceramic fabrication in many shapes and sizes with minimal weight requirements.