Alumina Oxide

Used in Rods & Tubes

 Alumina Oxide can be used for ceramic Rods & Tubes also known as aluminum oxide however you say it…wAlumina Oxide Rods and Tubese supply all types of abrasive ceramic  machining materials for your ceramic engineering applications. Ceramic rods and tubes is just one application. 

Alumina Oxide is the most comprehensive engineered machining ceramic because of its high temperature capabilities electrical, chemical, and mechanical properties at a relative low cost.

 Aluminum Oxide is a chemical compound of aluminum and oxygen with the chemical formula AL2O3. It is also referred to as Alumina in mining and industrial ceramic materials.

Alumina Oxide is a versatile ceramic material with many practical uses and commercial grades offered for various applications including excellent thermal and electrical insulator.

  • Ceramic Rods & Tubes
  • Ceramic wear pads
  • Abrasion resistant tube and liners
  • Laboratory instrument tubes
  • Ceramic seal rings
  • Electrical insulators
  • Insulators high voltage
  • Ceramic gas laser tubes
  • Thread and wire guides
  • Precision ceramic tubing
  • Ceramic ballistic
  • Thermometry sensors
  • Instrumentation thermal ceramic parts
  • Grinding media

Alumina Oxide for Rods & Tubes - Properties

  • Alumina Oxide offers good thermal conductivity
  • High temperature capabilities
  • Wear-resistant, Hard Ceramic
  • High-level strength and stiffness
  • Outstanding easy size and shape capability
  • Resistant to strong acid & alkali attack at elevated temperatures
  • Excellent dielectric properties from DC to GHz frequencies
  • High Purity from 94% for metallizable structure, to 99.5% for more demanding high temperature applications.


We offer advanced technical ceramic manufacturing or will supply you with alumina oxide materials for the manufacturing of your next ceramic rod or ceramic tube in the engineering of alumina oxide.