Ceramics Products List

T.Q. Abrasive Machining manufacturers high quality advanced industrial ceramic products. We are a precision manufacturer of technical advanced industrial ceramics including all products, parts and components below. We manufacture to your industrial ceramic product specifications.

  • Prototype thru Production
  • All Advanced Industrial Ceramic Product shapes and sizes
  • Industrial ceramic product Close tolerances to +/- .00002
  • Inner and outer diameter drilling and grinding
  • Metal matrix ceramic machining
  • Diamond jig and surface grinding
  • Bearings Ceramic     
  • Balls Industrial
  • Ball Valves
  • Capacitors Ceramic
  • Cathodes
  • Ceramic Castings
  • Ceramic Connectors
  • Cones Ceramic
  • Cores Ceramic
  • DC Plugs
  • End Effectors
  • Electron Components
  • Industrial Ceramic Inserts
  • Ceramic Insulators
  • Ceramic Discs
  • Ceramic Instrumentation
  • Ceramic Liners
  • Ceramic Magnets
  • & Micro Ceramic Parts
  • Nozzles  Ceramic
  • Ceramic Nuclear Components
  • Ceramic Parts Hole Drilling
  • Miniature

Custom Advanced Industrial Ceramic Machining of Your Products

Our goal at T.Q. Abrasive machining is to manufacturer industrial ceramic products. Providing advanced technical ceramics to meet customer requirements for industrial high performance & efficient manufacturing production. With our technical expertise and production capacity we offer industrial ceramic solutions to help customers worldwide manufacturer their industrial ceramic product to exact specifications