Ceramic Components & Parts

Technical Ceramic Machining Specialist

List of industrial ceramic parts, components and products machined and fabricated to meet industrial customers requirements for high performance component manufacturing. Including ceramic ball bearings, valves, ceramic rods and tubes, inserts, seals, sensors, cores, washers, and more..Read more

Manufacturer of advanced ceramic rods and tubes. Complex part shapes and sizes: round, square, rectangular, custom machined to your specifications. Custom and standard sizes for all your ceramic parts and components...Read More

Ceramic fabrication of lift pins and ceramic rods for OEM specifications. Including , military, defense, computer, semi conductor, aerospace,fuel cell, aviation and more…Read More

Ceramic manufacturing of semiconductor ceramic parts and ceramic components. Requirements from high volume production or single piece prototypes for your semiconductor ceramic part, we design the highest quality product…Read More

Ceramic vehicle systems and personal body products & parts with advanced ceramic parts, tiles & plate for high level protection & defense. Used in military, police, aeronautics and advanced security applications…Read More

Designing technical ceramic parts for strong long life, high wear, corrosion resistant wear, and thermal protection. Solving industrial ceramic parts problems like sliding, abrasion, and wear of flowing products are all solved using advanced ceramics in the fabrication of your ceramic part, component or product…Read More

Manufacturing ceramic sputtering targets in all types of materials including silicon nitride, boron carbide, silicon carbide and titanium diboride. Superior purity, high density and excellent consistency for long life…Read More

Machining any and all advanced ceramic parts and ceramic components per guidelines of industrial OEM Engineering specifications.

Our solutions achieve accurate analysis of conceptual design, engineering & technical assistance, emergency servicing and quotes typically within 24 hours to complete satisfaction of your ceramic part or ceramic component performance.