Ceramic Hole Drilling of Parts and Products Micro Hole-Small Hole Drilling

Ceramic machining of miniature, micro, small, miniature hole drilling of most all advanced technical ceramic shapes and sizes. T. Q. is an Industrial Ceramic manufacturer with precision expertise since 1994 in Orange County, Southern California. 

We will manufacture industrial ceramic components, parts or products with high precision and close tolerance as tight as +/- .0002″. Precision ceramic grinding, ceramic drilling, lapping, micro hole drilling, slicing, slotting, and dicing.

• Miniature & Small Hole Drilling for Ceramics
• Hole drilling diameters as small as .006″
• Internal and external ceramic threading
• All types of Ceramic Materials
• Need holes drilled in Ceramic Spacers or Ceramic Balls

From prototype to production we provide ceramic hole drilling and ceramic machining, rendering you the highest quality precision advanced ceramic hole drilled products while maintaining a schedule to deliver orders in record time.  

As a technical ceramic manufacturer using CAD/CAM and engineering design assistance and comprehensive documentation. Offering complete manufacturing job shop for complex precision shapes, rods, tubes, micro or miniature radial ceramic ball bearings.

• Aerospace, Defense, Aircraft, Nuclear Ceramics
• Semi Conductor, Electronic, Microwave Ceramics
• Medical, Automotive, Wear Components Ceramics

  • Tube hole drilling
  • Ceramic Balls hole drilling
  • Ceramic hole drilling of Rods
  • Small holes in ceramic ball bearings
  • Ceramic hole drilling in spherical shapes
  • Hole drilling in ceramic Cylindrical shapes