Ceramic Machining Services Industrial & Commercial

Technical High Quality Ceramic Machined Parts & Products Since 1994

TQ Abrasive Machining Company offers precision ceramic machining services specialty in complex designs for a wide-range of technical industrial and OEM applications.

Ceramic Machining Services in Design

We design, machine and manufacture advanced technical ceramic machined precision parts and components.

Ceramic Machining Services Advantage

The advantages of technical ceramic machining are applications for low weight ceramics, hard ceramics, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance ceramic manufacturing services.

Wide Range of Ceramic Machined Parts and Components

• Medical Ceramic Parts
• Electronic Ceramic Parts
• Automotive Components
• Boron Carbide B4C Nuclear
Advanced Technical Ceramics
Semi Conductor Ceramics
SiC Ceramic Matrix Composite Parts, High Temperature

• Aerospace Ceramics
Wear Components
• Nuclear Ceramics
Boron Carbide Tiles
• Ceramic Discs
Sputtering Targets
Ceramic Machining

Key Industrial Applications for Technical Ceramic Machining Services

  • Defense & Aerospace:  Ceramic Machining of Flat Tiles; Missile Radomes, Close Tolerance Ceramic Machining Specialist
  • Semiconductor: Specialist in Ceramic Machining Services
  • Microwave: Components include cathodes, rare earth magnets and specialty electronic ceramics, microwave ceramic tubes and vacuum ceramic tubes 
  • Automotive: Ceramic machining of components for engines and fuel systems
  • OEM: Ceramic machining all types of parts and products
  • Research & Development R&D: Ceramic machining service
  • Ceramic Wear Components:

Advanced Ceramic Machining Mission

T.Q. Abrasive Machining is a California based manufacturer providing total high quality ceramic machining services to meet customer requirements for advanced high-tech technical advanced ceramics.

Ceramic Machining Services from Prototype to Turnkey

We take your ceramic product dreams from prototype to turnkey applications. Your requests in offering solutions that achieve accurate analysis of conceptual design, engineering & technical assistance, emergency servicing and quotes typically within 24 hours to complete satisfaction of your ceramic machining services.

Contact us today about your ceramic machining services and design assistance needs for all of your advanced technical ceramic precision components and parts. Supplying you with industrial ceramic components and parts for most industries.